Monday, December 3, 2012

Heartfelt thanks to God!

Tonight I want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for our children. They are truly a gift from you and I am unworthy of the opportunity to be their mother!
They are such a blessing to us! Their laughter, crying, screaming and pain has brought me more joy then I have realized or ever known!

Thank you for trusting us with them! I pray and ask that you would bless their lives richly and endlessly beyond measure! That they would come to know you as their Lord and savior!

Thank you for all the time we've had together!

I pray for the unborn child that is now with you. That we may meet again and we can hold the child in our warm embrace again some day!

That the children would understand and meet their sibling again one day!

Thank you Jesus for all you are and have done for us!

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Location:Centerville Oh

Monday, July 16, 2012

Where'd my writing go???

I wrote about most of our trip so far and I just opened up this blogger app to find all, and I mean all, my writing is gone!!!!!
Aw phooey!!!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

I want that butterfly!

No fair, I'm stuck working in this swing while the other monkeys get to take a bath! I want to reach that butterfly! I talk to it and stare at it but nothing happens yet. I can almost touch it!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here we are!!!

So this morning I finally got the blog press app to use our blog again. Maybe this will be a great way to keep you updated with us again, as our friend Darin wondered if we were using or going to post anything here again!
More to follow! Yes, it's been 2.5 years since my last post! Wow! Yikes!
Here's Jonny on a lazy weekend morning!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Various pics of my gang!

Abey tackling Ellie. It's his new thing! He's such a boy!

Dad and Ellie...

Ellie sitting in their rocking chair. This chair was my chair when I was a little girl and she just loves it! There are many pics of her in this chair she is in it all the time.

Dad and Cassanova napping with sunset shining on them!

Our bean sleeping! She has all her buddies in her crib...they like the big bunny at her feet!

Abey on his new bike from Grandma Debbie (thank you), but we sent it back. It had plastic wheels and we have a dirt and rock driveway and plastic just won't cut it! Waiting for a refund from Amazon...still waiting! Our friends gave us one of theirs for the kids to use and we will give it back when we get another one, or if we move so they can give it to her sister's little guy in a couple of years. Thank you Edlin family, we are grateful for you all! (thanks Justice for letting Abe use it!)

Abey waiting or looking for daddy to come up the driveway...or he is looking for animals, birds, anything that might be out there, but most of the time it's Daddy! We wave and blow kisses when we leave and come home! Such joy!

Abey and his word cards. He can read about 20-30 words! Smarty pants!

Yes she is eating a sock! Not really eating it just carries it around in her mouth from time to time...we'll she used to, not so much anymore!

Here is a dinosaur flash light from Auntie Heather...they love it and have so much fun laughing at it! Video to come...Thank you for thinking of the kiddos!

Eliana and our friend Becky!

Some of Ellie and our good friend Becky who just moved away! We miss you love and hope you are doing well!

He loves to play in the dirt!

While working on the fire pit, Abe stays quite happy playing in the dirt right along with mommy! He's my little man, filthy, but adorable!